The Hydrogeologist Time Capsule is a collection of interviews of eminent hydrogeologists who have made a material difference to our profession. Many of the videos are complemented by a biographical note published in the Profile series of Hydrogeology Journal.

Those interviewed are respected individuals from around the world who have profoundly affected hydrogeology. We are often aware of their work but rarely do we have insight into the human context and background of the advances they created. The recorded reflections on this website are an opportunity to better understand their personal motivations, aspirations, and living philosophies by hearing their thoughts on their work, contributions, impact, and the future, directly from them.

These recordings constitute an historical record for future generations. We hope you find these interviews informative, valuable and ultimately inspirational, and that future generations of hydrogeologists will benefit from and will further contribute to these records and reflections.

To learn more about the project, read the Hydrogeology Journal 2008 article


The Hydrogeologist Time Capsule project was launched by the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) in 2007. IAH provides partial financial support for the editing of the videos and their online publication.

Although volunteers manage the project, organize and conduct the interviews, good quality videos require basic professional facilities (lighting, sound recording, multiple cameras, editing) that often need to be acquired either by renting equipment or hiring services. The project also needs additional support for annual expenses to host and maintain the website.

The project gratefully acknowledges the additional financial and in-kind support provided by:


Do you have an idea for a new video and would you like to organize the production of it at your location? You can find useful information in the Time Capsule production guidelines. Woud you like to sponsor a video or the project? Do you have any question? You are welcome to contact Philippe Renard or Craig Simmons directly.


Philippe Renard

Project manager
Centre for Hydrogeology, University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Tel: +41327182690

Craig Simmons

Project Manager
School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, Flinders University (Australia), Tel: +61882012348

Sylvain Tissot

Ecodev Sàrl, Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Tel: +41325131701
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